Sascha Heip
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 This approach can already be heard on their first EP “Forerunning Legacy”, which combines 
songs of the genres Electro, House/EDM, Hardstyle and PsyTrance. The focus of the duo
however is always the harmonic combination of a strong drum set paired with melodic
elements of different kinds. “We would like to address a large number of fans of electronic
music and awake those emotions in our listeners, that we put into the production process of
our songs”, is how This.Is.Rapha describes the approach of SAHARA. “We love almost any
kind of beat and don’t want to narrow ourselves in our approach, for now” complements
Sascha Heip.



 The musical origin and education of both sheds light into this approach. Sascha already
started playing the drums with 5 years and today, is in charge of the pressuring beats,
represented in their songs. Conversely, Rapha put his focus on more melodic instruments
like the piano or saxophone which he started playing also in his early childhood. They both
met at 13 years of age in the BigBand of their school. From that point onwards, the two
joined together on their musical pathway. First steps in the production of electronic music
followed at age 16, however remained into the drawer and never saw the light of day.
However, they often were responsible for burning dancefloors on many private and also
some public occasions.

Due to different stations in their studies and professional careers, music somewhat faded into
the background, the passion however always remained. It so happened that the two
awakened back their desire to play and produce music in 2019 to now finally launch their
long awaited DJ project to bring their childhood dream of their own album to life.


Stay tuned - this is just the beginning!